Beat the heat in style – Kolkata Summer 2017

Summer is all about long days and heat waves, not to mention the crazy bright sun and UV rays. If you’re in Kolkata you got my point. While most of us are lathering the sunscreen on us or draping a scarf around our faces, we hardly notice the old-fashioned tool kept in some dusty corner of the house that can help us beat the heat. And that tool is – hold for the drumroll –


Yes, you read it right. But who wants to carry around that dull looking thing in hand? it’s such a fashion disaster. It doesn’t even go with your favourite attire of the day. you can never beat the heat in style if your dress clashes with the canvas of the umbrella.

Well, we are here to make it a bit of a better life for you so we came up with all the latest trends in umbrella in your own hometown Kolkata for Summer 2017.

Check out the latest collection.

This printed blue one is an absolute beauty…

blue umbrella

This printed blue one will surely be a head turner…blue umbrella

This pink canvas not only fights the sun but goes with your pink apparel very well…pink umbrella

For the love birds in town these are the must-haves…heart printed umbrellaPrinted umbrella

Summer is all about bright colors, so have an umbrella that goes with your style and fashion… Choose among a variety of colours, prints and styles…

And last but not the least the showstopper of the show… This one will absolutely make you stand out in the crowd…printed umbrella

You can buy trendy umbrellas for summer 2017 online at Amazon and Flipkart. But If you want to know where to buy trendy umbrellas in Kolkata? The answer is down below.

We found these collection at the very heart of Kolkata. Go to New Market near Esplanade opposite to KFC and Domino’s and you’ll find a huge collection of latest trendy umbrellas being sold on the street.

If you’re worried about the price, rest assured these beauties cost between INR 150 to 250.

If you’re looking for some durable umbrellas feel free to visit any K.C. Paul & Sons store around Kolkata.

Hope this summer our little blog will be able to help you have a Bit of a Better Life!!!

Featured Image: Pixabay

Photo Courtesy: Samir Khan


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