Kamakhya Temple – Worshipping the Yoni

Many of you must have heard about the famous Kamakhya Temple in the city Guwahati, Assam, India. But how many of you know about the myth and legend around the temple?

It is believed to be mentioned in the hindu scriptures that this is the place where Sati used to express her love and carnal desires to Lord Shiva and after her death, when Lord Shiva danced with her corpse, her Yoni (literally meaning vagina) fell here.

Kamakhya Temple (2)

There are other places around the world where other parts of Sati’s body is believed to have landed. One such place is Kalighat Temple in Kolkata, India, where her limbs had fallen.

Kamakhya Temple-2

The temple is visited by hindu worshipers and devotees of all caste and creed but mostly by the Tantric worshipers (a cult of worshipers practicing black magic).

Kamakhya Temple

Devotees flock to the temple on major hindu festivals like Durga Puja & Kali Puja but the crowd is maximum during the Ambubachi Mela when it is believed to be the period of a month long menstruation of the Yoni of Sati. Womanhood and female fertility is worshipped in a symbolic fashion here.

Kamakhya Temple Bells-2Kamakhya Temple Bells

The dominance of temple of Goddesses over the Gods in this region of the country reflects the matriarchal society in the north eastern region of India.

Animal sacrifice is a customery ritual practiced here where it is believed that the Goddess is pleased by the blood sacrifice.

Keeping the religious beliefs aside, the temple is an architectural marvel. The temple had been under the rule of several different dynasties and influence of their cultures reflect on the carvings of the temple walls.

Kamakhya Temple-6Kamakhya Temple Metal Lion

There is a reservoir in the temple premises for rain water harvesting and fountains around it keep the environment cool. It is a relief to be sitting by the fountains on a summer afternoon.

KamakhyaTemple Fountain

The temple is atop a mountain surrounded by plains and terrains, therefore, providing a cool atmosphere throughout the year. During the scorching summers people come to this place for a day to get a whiff of cold breeze.

Kamakhya Temple-5

This is a small model of the mountain and where the temples are situated upon it. It is carved from a single stone and geographically very accurate. Being on a mountain, this place provides beautiful Panoramic views of the Guwahati City

Guwahati City-3Guwahati City-2Guwahati City

How to reach:

Guwahati is connected by trains and flights from major cities of India. Bus and taxi services are available from the east Indian States. There are two major railway stations – Guwahati Junction and Kamakhya Junction.

You will have to reach the Kamakhya Gate using any local transport and from their government run buses take you up to the parking area of the temple. You can also get auto rickshaws from Kamakhya Gate to the temple parking area.

You may drive up to the hilltop in your own car but be wary of the hairpin bends on the hill. However it is safe to hire an Ola or Uber to reach the Temple. They are easily available in the area and makes your commute smooth.

You will have to walk hundreds of steps uphill from the parking area to reach the temple premise.

Important: Keep your shoes outside in some shop and the bags you carry. They are not allowed inside the temple. Shops along the way offer to keep your belongings if you buy Prasadam from them. However if you do not plan to do so keep your bags and shoes in the cloak room near the parking area. It is run by the temple authority.

If you plan to pray to Maa Kamakhya while there, pray for a better life for yourself and don’t forget to pray for us.

Hope you have a pleasant trip!


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