Teenage problems – A look into it

“She used to be a real sweet person even few months back … God knows what has got into her, It’s like we just don’t know our own daughter anymore!!!! “  A common discussion among parents of most teenagers in Kolkata ; though not just in the “city of joy” this a major topic of discussion all over 

Is your teenage son or daughter behaving the same way?? Becoming a rebel?? Not listening to you , resenting you or may be disrespecting too??may be even doing drugs or something??

 That sweet and obedient child of yours has within these few months suddenly started disobeying you; Stomping his/her feet every now and then for slightest reasons (for you those are not even reasons) ; reacting violently to everything and so on 

Yes , this is usually “age –problem”.Everyone goes through such stuff at this age . Many of your expert advisers(read relatives and neighbours) will certainly come up with theories like “mixing with wrong people “ , “having an affair” and many more . We shouldn’t neglect them but keeping our eye open and probing deeper into the situation is recommended not to prove anyone wrong but for the betterment of your own.

We can start by talking to the kids and by talking I definitely didn’t mean scolding or blaming or arguing or lecturing or any of such things. Talking means to be friendly and listen to the child the way he/she wants you to listen. To understand what is he/she going through; his/her demands or expectations ; confusions etc. Let your child open up as he/she does in front of a friend .

“Trust” a real heavy word with a heavier meaning . Let your child trust you. Sometimes children thinks their parents to be their foe which hurts …. hurts a lot to any parent and most of the time parents react with anger more than sorrow which worsen the situation at times.

Resentment from your child is hard but distance, distrust and hatred from them is even harder.So just  make sure you get some professional help because sometimes that is necessary and there is nothing wrong in it . If your wounded or pained body can need a doctor then why can’t a wounded or pained mind or a hurting relation ??  Its better to care for the child and your relation with him/ her than to care for what people might say if you are seeking professional help because the child is yours , the problem is your and no one except you really care (So just don’t be afraid of what others will talk about)

You have evry right to live and have “ a bit of a better life” for yourself your child in this “city of joy” .As the name suggest our motto should be a healthy & happy living and so what if you need a little bit of professional help in doing so.

Finding a preofessional in Kolkata is very easy. All you have to google is “psychriatist in Kolkata” or “psychologist in Kolkata” “counsellors in Kolkata” and other related stuff. We all have confusions , conflicts ,  desires , failures , frustration etc . . . sometimes we can cope with  ourselvesit sometimes we can’t . We just need certain techniques or sometimes medicines to go through certain negativity which only a professional can find out and provide. You never know may be your child also need help but it’s being overlooked because of certain social stigmas or because you are too proud to as for help.


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