Savings on Cravings!!! 

Hello Kolkatans!!! Monsoon is here. You all must be splashing (or maybe swimming) through the streets these days. But when these now and then drizzle are already hampering your daily activities you must be taking a break and running to the major Bazars and Haats for Puja shopping (since puja is quite near this year… Many of you must have already started)

We’re sorry that this is not about where to look for the latest sales. You already know that thanks to the ads hanging around the city. Rather we’re here to inform you where you may get a refill for you lost energy on all those shopping sprees.

How would you like to know about a place where you can have real great pasta that too in a very reasonable price and that too near one of the most famous markets.

This place is in Rashbihari near Kalighat Metro Station (where one can get auto for Gariahat)  just opposite to the Lake Mall (you have to cross the road) near Khadims showroom.

A small food stall run by 2 people (quite crowded most of the time) serves the most amazing hot and spicy (lip-smacking one may say) pasta available in veg, egg , chicken and mixed,  that too in less than Rs. 100 per plate and each plate contains sufficient rather more than sufficient quantity.

Other than Pasta you can also get chow mein , fried rice, chicken lollypop, chillichicken etc. You can have your food there or you may get a parcel as well. Once you taste their pasta you are surely going to recommend this stall to your friends and other acquaintances.

So don’t worry on spending much on your lunch. Save those bucks and treat yourself with a nice pair of sunglasses to go with your outfit


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